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1. The information at this site is our current information. Some of it is well documented with multiple references for each event. Some of it is not well documented and based on the "best memory" of my elderly relatives. At one time and in one place in the Lacey descendants, I have a grandson that was born 30 years after his grandfather. Possible? Yes. Likely? No. Additional research has since corrected this.

2. This site will grow as time permitts. More descendancy charts, biographies, etc. will be added as we have time. In late 2014, there will be other sections added including music with live recordings of sacred and secular music and simplified versions of Hymns and songs from Children's Songbook.

3. Minor updates will not be done routinely. I could spend all my time update and not working on the research and music.

4. Bad links and other technical problems will be solved promptly if we are notified.

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A. A good link to another page.

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C. Something that is underlined such as above. Nothing will change because they are not links. I hate sites that underline things but I will use them occasionally to remind me to make that link in the near future. Don't get excited if nothing happens.

6. Documentation NOTES will come later. Many currently would display the documentary notes as well as theories and other genealogical notes such as sources searched. Most only need a few carriage returns added to make them convert right but there are about 20,000+ notes to edit.

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