Aviation Careers

General Business
      Accountants, Marketing, Computer Technicians, Customer Service, Managers, etc.

Aviation Specific
      Pilots & Flight Engineers
      Mechanics - Airframe, Powerplant & Electronics
      Flight Attendants
      Ticket Agents, Reservations, etc.
      Ground & Baggage Handlers
      Air Traffic Controllers

Pilots & Flight Engineers
      Major Airlines
      Regional Airlines
      Flight Instruction
      Aerial Application & Forest Fire Fighters (PA)
      Patrols - Gas Pipeline, Border, Fire, Power line Inspections, banner towing
      Traffic Reporting - Media & Law Enforcement
      Cargo - FedEx, UPS, etc.
      Remote Area Servicing - Bush
      FAA Inspectors

Aviation Employment
      Cyclical - Depends on the economy
      Highly Competitive for high paying jobs
      Essential services most secure - Alaska

Airline Pilots - Major
      Few Military Pilots - 11 years enlistment, large re-enlistment bonus
      Some airlines don't want military pilots
      100 flight hours/month max., generally 72-75, 1,000 flight hours/year max.
      Four years College +$60,000 flight training
      Mandatory retirement age 65 in US
      Good (?) retirement and full benefits
      Cheap or Free travel (standby)
      "See the World"
      Dress code; Beards not permitted (safety hazard)

Airline Pilots - Regional
      About the only way to get the experience required by the major airlines
      Two/Four years College +$40,000 flight training
      Many require payment of Initial Training ($10,000+)
      Mandatory retirement age 65 in US
      Benefits - depends on the airline
      Cheap or Free travel (standby)
      "See the World"

Corporate & Charter
      Corporate - Usually good pay and benefits (no travel benefits)
      Charter - Often low pay with no benefits. Used to gain experience for the Regional Airlines

Flight Attendants
           Good (?) retirement and full benefits
           Cheap or Free travel (standby)
      "See the World"
           Benefits and travel vary

Flight Instructors

Aerial Applicators & Bush
      Usually self employed

Aviation Mechanics
      Work mostly nights at major airlines, often outdoors
      Repairs & Preventative maintenance
      Stress to meet deadlines
      Avionics technicians

Air Traffic Controllers
      High Pay, Good Benefits, Retire at 50 & Mand. 56
      Very few openings until recently
      College not required and not a guarantee of success.
      Four year College including working as an intern with FAA controllers was the only practical route.

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