The Jones family in Kendall traces its ancestry to one John Jones, originally named Shon David Shon Roderick, who was born in Wales early in the eighteenth century, was a lineal descendant of that celebrated Welchman, Roderick Dhu. Possessed of sterling patriotism and great ancestral pride he keenly felt the humiliation of his race when Wales, through treachery and opression, was permanently united to the British crown, and with characteristic loyalty to native traditions he petitioned for a legal change of name, which was granted, and ever since he and his descendants have borne the surname Jones. The family spring from brave, honest ancestors, whose allegiance to their country was defended and upheld in deeds of blood. Large in stature and strong in physique, pursuing quiet but respected callings, they always envinced a strong public spirit, great intellectual development, and strong personality.

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