Our Immigrant Ancestors

Our ancestors started coming to America in 1620 and continued until 1910.

Betty's 9th great grandfather William Bradford was born in 1590 in England. He came to America in 1620 on the original "Mayflower". He was the second governor of the Plymouth Colony. He married Dorothy May in 1613 and she died when she fell overboard from the Mayflower anchored in a Massachusetts harbor. In 1623, he married Alice Carpenter, widow of Edward Southworth.

Betty's 9th great grandfather James ROGERS was born in 1614/1615 in England. He came to America in 1635 on the "Increse". He married Elizabeth ROWLAND in Connecticut where they both died.

Betty's 8th great grandfatherHenry PECK came to America in 1637 and moved to Connecicuit the next year becoming one of New Haven's first settlers. He died in 1651 in Connecticut.

Betty's 6th great grandfather Robert FULLER was born in England in 1616. He came to America in 1638 on the Bark Bevis. He married Sarah BOWEN in 1647 in Massachusetts. She was born in 1617 in Wales.She died in Massachusetts in 1676.

Bob's 4th great grandfatherCollins HILL was born 175? in Scotland. He came to America sometime before the 1790 census. He married Miriam from France and their children were born in south central Massachusetts. They had four sons who married five Shaw sisters. These young ladies' parents came from England.

Bob's 4th great grandparents Peter SHAW and his wife Elizabeth HARVEY were immigrants from England

Betty's great grandfather Clement HUBER was born in 1830 in Germany and immigrated to Parma, Monroe County, NY in 1852. In 1858, he married Mary Ann SNYDER in Parma. He died in Parma in 1904.

Betty's great grandfather Samuel PICKENS was born in Ireland in 1818. His wife Margaret DUGGAN was born in 1823 in Ireland.

Bob's 2nd great grandfather James BULLIMORE was born in 1816 in England. He and Matilda DIX had five children. He took the kids and came to America via London. Matilda stayed in England and had two more children. I assume that these children were sired by James Cook who was living either in their/her home or next door from before 1851 to after 1881. James came to America between 1851 & 1855. His children came soon afterwards and he married Anna POWERS from Cork, Ireland. They had four children including my great grandfather Timothy J. Bulmore whose descendants participate in the annual Bulmore reunion.

Bob's great grandfather Carl SCHMACKPFEFFER and his wife Pauline SCHULTZ immigrated in either 1882 or 1883 from Germany.

Bob's grandfather Robert HALES came to America in 1907 to Orleans County. He worked 3 years and went back to England to marry Alice Maud BATCHELOR. They were married in January 1910 and a couple of months later came to America.

There were also other relatives who were not our ancestors who also came here.

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