Bob's Orleans County Genealogy

Aaron SHELLEY (1772-1827) was born in Western Massachusetts. After his marriage, he moved to Washington County, NY and began raising a family. In 1801, he moved back to Massachusetts and had several more children there. In 1810, his family moved to Sodus,NY and they finally settled two miles west of the Village of Gaines in May 1812. When the Americans lost the Battle of Queenston, Canada, his family joined the many settlers that moved to Rochester until the Americans again controlled Western New York after which they returned to their homestead in Gaines. Their children married other pioneers and were prominant in early Orleans County history.

Austin Hill's father immigrated from Scotland while his mother was of French descent. Austin HILL (1798-1854) and 3 of his brothers married five daughters of Peter SHAW and Elizabeth HARVEY from England. His family moved from Chenango County, NY to Hamlin in Monroe county in 1843. Although most of his children stayed in the area, he had two sons, Collins (1823-1908) and William (1827-1911), who moved to Orleans County about 1851.

James BULLEMORE (1816-1894) came to Orleans County from England between 1851 & 1855. His five children from his first marriage to Matilda DIX came shortly after that and he had four children in Orleans & Niagara Counties by his 2nd wife Anna POWERS from Ireland.

Carl SCHMACKPFEFFER (1855-1922) & Pauline SCHULTZ (1860-1938) came to the Albion Area in 1882 or 1883 from Germany with their son William and possibly other relatives. The Schmackpfeffer homestead was in Barre on the Miller Road at the corner where it changes from a N/S to E/W. Their son Carl changed his name to Charles PFEFFER after 1930. This shortened surname was used by his descendants.

Robert LACEY (b. abt. 1800) had several descendants who immigrated to Orleans County.
      His son James LACEY (1837-1920)with his wife Emily GRAVER (1839-1921) immigrated to Orleans County in 1883 with all/most of their 13 children.
      His son William had a daughter Harriet (Lacey) BATCHELOR, mentioned below, who had a son John and a daughter Alice (Bob's grandmother) immigrate to Orleans County in 1910. After William's son John's death in 1900, his widow (Lilly Gertrude GEDGE) and children came to Orleans County. The steamship agent gave her family a free passage to Medina for a vacation because he had arranged for so many Englishmen to come to the Medina area. She married an English immigrant, William STARLING (1868-1951), about 1904. William's son Robert had a daughter Alva (1902-1974) who immigrated and later married Jay HARRINGTON of Oswego, NY.
      His son Benjamin had four sons and a daughter's son come to this area. The sons were Benjamin R. C. (1864-1950), Robert (1866-1927), Boardman Samuel (1870-1938) and Herbert (1888-1969). His daughter Anna had a son Cecil A. LACEY (1895-1975) who spent most of his life in the Brockport Area with his wife Allis HAGERMAN.
      His five daughters and their families stayed in England.

Jacob Walter BATCHELOR (1858-1904) & Harriet LACEY (1857-1929) had two children that immigrated to Orleans County. John Walter BATCHELOR came in 1910 with his wife Violet PRATT and later moved to Genesee County after 1915. Alice Maud BATCHELOR married Robert HALES and came to Orleans County in 1910, three months after their wedding.

Robert William HALES (1859-1931) & Sarah Elizabeth FABB (1860-1945) had two sons who came to Orleans County. Bob's grandfather Robert HALES, mentioned above, came in 1910 with his new bride and his younger brother Albert came a few years later.

      The Norfolk Broads are located NE of Norwich in the county of Norfolk, England. This area has many lakes and marshes that are only a few feet above sea level. It is an agricultural area on the North Sea. Occasionally, there are violent storms on the North Sea which floods some of these lowlands with salt water and makes agriculture difficult. Some of the coastal towns have been lost or will be lost to the sea such as Happisburg (pronounced as Aisboro). It is my estimate that 60-80% of those Englishmen who came to Orleans County came from this area. The largest town in the area is Stalham which is the same size or smaller than Elba, NY. Most of the towns are the size of West Barre, NY or smaller. The people don't travel much. Even today with the automobile, many of my family consider it a major trip to go to Norwich, the county seat, which is about 18 miles away.
      People did not travel far from the farms and small towns. As a result, many married some sort of cousins. I have a theory that at least 30-50% of the Orleans County English immigrants would be related by blood or marriage to me. Many, many of the English immigrant surnames in Orleans County may be connected to my tree. Although some are not connected yet, I find them as witnesses to marriages and other family events. I personally know of several large branches in Orleans County that connect but the research is not done yet.

      If any of you who are reading this have English ancestors who came to Orleans County, NY, I would love to hear from you. I have so much reasearch to do if I only had time. If you would like, I could enter that information into my data base.


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