Bob and Betty Hales have 67 years of total research experience in Orleans, Genesee, Monroe & Niagara Counties, upstate NY, Western MA and Susquehanna County, PA.

We are charter Member of OCGS (Orleans County Genealogical Society)and Bob is a volunteer of the Orleans County site on rootsweb.

We have over 80,000 pages of Histories & Biographies on our computer and several every name indexes.

      We do research primarily in Orleans County, NY. We will also do research in neighboring counties when requested. We also go to Susquehanna County, PA once a year. NOTE: We no longer do research but will do specific lookups such as newspapers because we own two expanding businesses and don't have the time.

      A $15.00 deposit is required before any work is done and is not refundable. The check is not deposited until we actually begin the project.

      We charge $15.00 per hour for services rendered. A flat rate of 30 minutes is charged for each newspaper lookup. Most old newspapers require scanning the whole newspaper because the information can be anywhere. Although the death notices, marriages, etc. are often found with the local news on page three, we have found them stuck in with world news on page 1 or among the classified or display ads.

      Travel is charged at 50 cents per round trip miles. This includes something for our time plus the cost of operating a vehicle. There is no charge for trips to Albion and others may be waved for our convenience.

      Copies are 25 cents each unless we have to pay more. Some government agencies are charging up to $1.00 per page although we have had a lesser charge if we do the copying.

      Update reports are sent by email. The copies are sent when the work is completed and we have been paid. Repeat customers with larger requests will typically receive their copies as the work progresses.

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